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The Number of the Members of Murderous Rampage is 6, Representing the Number of Lucifer, 666.



Death provides the low-end death vocals you hear in Murderous Rampage. He is 6 feet 8 inches tall, and weighs 280 pounds. Nothing of his past or childhood is known, except what can be inferred from his numerous and painful-looking scars.



Without a doubt the most violent member of Murderous Rampage, Melee is the ear-shredding screech that permeates the band's music. He is the largest reason why the band has been banned from most venues; he has caused almost $100,000 worth of damage in the band's less than 1 year of existence. He has committed various self-mutilating acts on stage, and once he violently assaulted 6 audience members before the show was stopped.


(lead guitar)

Blade was released from an 8-year sentence in prison merely 4 months before the creation of the band. He refuses to disclose the reason for his inprisonment.


(rhythm guitar)

By far the most frightening member of Murderous Rampage. His facial affect is constantly apathetic, and his bodily movements are always minimal. However, he has been known to recreate what seems to be an extremely violent murder scene when he dreams, and especially when he takes hallucinogenic drugs.



Mutorr's signature is his horrifically ghoulish mask, which he never removes, even in the presence of only the other band members. In fact, to anyone's knowledge, he does not interact with any human beings other than the 5 other players, and only during practices and shows. It is thought that he is actually a supernatural being.



Brutus is not only the fastest drummer in the world, he also is the strangest. He is actually missing a rather large piece of his head, and this is thought to be the reason for his extreme drumming ability.